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Volume 4, No. 2, Mey 2021 [in production stage]

Analysis of Smoking Behavior and Stress Management in Hypertension Sufferers of Productive Age at Dr. Moedjito Dwidjosiswoyo Hospital Jombang

Eval Braco Athatur, Sandu Siyoto, Bambang Pardjianto

Relationship of Diet and Lifestyle with Blood Sugar Levels in The Elderly with Diabetes Mellitus at Internist Room in DR. Moedjito Dwidjojosiswoyo Hospital of Jombang

Dina Aulia, Sentot Imam, Soemarko

Analysis of the Causes of Stunting in Toddlers in the Work Area of ​​Gandasuli Community Health Center South Halmahera Regency North Maluku (Qualitative Study)

Osnawati H. Marsaoly, Nur Wijayanti, Rahmania Ambarika, Sri Kardjati Maria