The Effect of Brown Rice Consumption on Blood Sugar Levels in Menopause in Tamanan Village, Kediri City in 2022


  • Siti Aminah Midwifery Undergraduate Study Program, Kadiri University, Indonesia
  • Galuh Pradian Yanuaringsih
  • Fauzia Laili
  • Barirah



Blood sugar levels, Brown rice, Menopause


Increased blood sugar occurs at menopause age because at the age of menopause there is an increase in blood components which results in blood sugar levels being higher and difficult to reduce if not with regular injections of the hormone insulin. Blood sugar disease occurs due to disorders of the pancreas gland which can disrupt the production of the hormone insulin. Based on a preliminary study in Tamanan Village on 30 menopausal women respondents, 20 of them (66.67%) suffered from increased blood sugar levels. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of brown rice consumption on blood sugar levels in menopause. The research design used was a pre-experimental study with a one-group pretest-posttest design. The population in this study were all postmenopausal women who experienced an increase in blood sugar levels in Tamanan village. By purposive sampling, a sample of 16 people was obtained. The research instrument used was an observation sheet. Data were analyzed using paired t-test. The results showed that the average blood sugar level before giving brown rice was 131.94 mg/dl. The average blood sugar level after being given brown rice was 123.56 mg/dl. From the results of statistical tests with = 0.05 obtained p value = 0.000 so that p-value < then H0 is rejected and H1 is accepted. This study concludes that there is an effect of the consumption of brown rice on blood sugar levels during menopause. Based on the research results, postmenopausal women should consume brown rice and pay attention to the consumption of balanced nutrition, so that blood sugar levels are controlled and health status can be optimal.




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Siti Aminah, Galuh Pradian Yanuaringsih, Fauzia Laili, & Barirah. (2022). The Effect of Brown Rice Consumption on Blood Sugar Levels in Menopause in Tamanan Village, Kediri City in 2022. Journal for Quality in Public Health, 5(2), 182–188.