The Relationship between Old Parturition and Post Date with Asphyxia Incidence in Newborns


  • Galuh Pradian Yanuaringsih Midwifery Undergraduate Study Program, Kadiri University, Indonesia
  • Sri Inti
  • Masadi
  • Hindun Mardiana
  • Driana Permata



Blood sugar levels, Brown rice, Menopause


Factors that affect the occurrence of asphyxia are: preeclampsia, placental abruption, old partus, pregnancy over time, umbilical cord, premature infant. Based on the preliminary survey it was found that 53,9% of asphyxia occur. Research Objectives to see the relationship between old part and post date with the incidence of Asphyxia In Gambiran Hospital Kediri.The type of research used is Cross sectional. The independent variable is old and post date, Dependent of Asphyxia Event.Populasinya all maternity mothers and newborns In RSUD Gambiran City Kediri. a number of 299 respondents, the number of samples 172 respondents. Simple random sampling technique. Based on the result of univariate analysis that experienced old partus counted 28 respondents (16,3%), post date 40 respondents (23,3%), asphyxia 108 respondent (62,8%). Based on bivariate analysis test using spearman rank correlation obtained post date and old partus with the same value ρvalue is ρvalue = 0,000 with correlation strength of 0.274 which means the level of relationship in the low category While post date obtained Correlation strength of 0.281 with low category. Based on the multivariate analysis test using Multiple Logistic Regression, the significant variables to the occurrence of Asphyxia in newborn are old partus (ρvalue = 0.002 <0.05), post date (ρvalue = 0,000 <0,05) then H0 is rejected and H1 is accepted meaning there is a relationship between the old partus and post date with the incidence of asphyxia in newborns at Gambiran Hospital Kediri.It is hoped that an emergency service will be improved so that the old mothers who are suffering from old partus can be treated promptly, so as to avoid maternal and fetal death.




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Galuh Pradian Yanuaringsih, Sri Inti, Masadi, Hindun Mardiana, & Driana Permata. (2022). The Relationship between Old Parturition and Post Date with Asphyxia Incidence in Newborns. Journal for Quality in Public Health, 5(2), 179–181.