The Effectiveness of Infusa Leaf of Binahong (Anredera Codifolia) in Healing Perineal Wound


  • Halimatus Saidah Faculty of Health, Kadiri University
  • Dewi Kartika Sari
  • Cristina Sri Healthyni
  • Mira Zoraya



Binahong leaf, Perineal wound


Perineal wound is a tear in the birth canal (perineum) that occurs both in spontaneous labor and episotomy. Perineal wounds that take a long time to heal can cause infection and contribute to maternal death. Binahong leaf (Anredera cordifolia) can be used as an alternative for perineal wound healing because it contains several chemical compounds, namely flavonoids, oleanolic acid, protein, saponins and ascorbic acid. The content of ascorbic acid in this plant is important for activating the enzyme prolyl hydroxylase which supports the hydroxylation stage in the formation of collagen, so that it can accelerate the wound healing process. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of Binahong Leaf Infusion (Anredera Cordifolia) on perineal wound healing in postpartum mothers at Balowerti Health Center in 2022.

The design in this research is Quasi Experiment. The population of this study were all post partum mothers at Puksemas Balowerti in April 2022 . The sample from this study amounted to 32 respondents divided into 16 respondents in the control group and 16 respondents in the intervention group using the purposive sampling technique. Data were taken using an observation sheet and analyzed using the Man-Whitney test.




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Halimatus Saidah, Dewi Kartika Sari, Cristina Sri Healthyni, & Mira Zoraya. (2022). The Effectiveness of Infusa Leaf of Binahong (Anredera Codifolia) in Healing Perineal Wound. Journal for Quality in Public Health, 5(2), 146–153.